Standard Membership Features for one year Services: -
  • You can view and modify your profile and search for matches online with this membership.
  • Top placement in search result.
  • You will receive newly register member in the site on your email.
  • As all the profile will have Verified Contact Details and Verified member. You can have assured member communication and they are are serious about getting married.
  • You can view photos and contact details and double the verified phone numbers of other members online and our offline members.
  • Send unlimited personalized messages and receive messages from members.
  • You or your family member can receive a quality service from our Bharat matchpoint centre office : -
  • They can come down to our offline centre. Our arbiter will show the profile which is suitable for you in computer and hardcopy. They can take hardcopy print out of the profile bio-data, photo and horoscope.They can see horoscope matching using our In-house astrologer.
  • Our arbiter will take care about the follow- up, Make calls and email support to you and to your parents about the result which you shown interest.
  • You can also request profiles, photo and horoscope hard copy of members registered via offline centre using add courier Option online or over phone or by email. We will send that profiles to your home which is with in Tamil nadu, Karnataka and Andhra.
  • You can add Horoscope online.
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